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The course was quite intense at first. This initiated a strong focus on self & recognition of the personal qualities that would be required: resilience, perseverance, discipline. Rapidly the course became less intense and more grounded in everyday work scenarios. It provided me with a toolkit that was immediately relevant and useful to my work life. In summary it gave me the motivation & strength I needed for the journey I had undertaken and the resources I needed on the way. An added bonus was that it made me respect and value my staff much more".

Campbell Ross, Director, MTEC – software development company.


"Once the Management Team at METCO had agreed the remit: what we need to achieve within our planning horizon of the next five years, the Team Planning Workshop stepped us through the success criteria we would need to measure and confirm the aspects of our business we are very good at but most importantly started us to look at the constraints that would prevent us from succeeding with our remit. Once the truth of this matter was laid out, having someone guide us through the critical success factors that would need to be addressed to achieve our remit and objectives proved essential.


The important factor for me, as Managing Director, having identified the Business Processes needed was seeing the Management Team working together, taking ownership of the important Business Process that would need to be addressed and worked, not shying away from the hard to do.

We are still too slow in working through some of  these Business Process, but they are there in front of us to do and when we do complete some of the work the success of bring everyone in METCO on to the same page  can be seen and measured".                                     Gordon Fish - Managing Director, METCO Services Ltd


"I recently completed a course of business coaching with &Coaching.  I consulted her when I was looking at expanding my business and needed to explore all of my options with someone who would “think outside of the box” and help me to really consider the issues thoroughly.

I found the sessions to be well structured and Jacky’s questions were insightful, probing and extremely useful.  I now have a much clearer vision of where I want my business to go, have gained confidence in my ability to make strategic decisions and can focus on what is important in the business.

I would recommend her services without hesitation and will certainly use her in the future".                  Barbara Cherryman - Director, Guardian First Aid Training Ltd


"I have developed awareness, confidence, competence, and new skills. I now have better purpose for achievement.  Mentoring is now a key part of my job, it wasn't before. The regular meetings over the course of a year allowed time for assimilation and practice which would not be available in other ways. The one to one style was very effective in drawing contributions from me on every occasion".            Prof. Willie Donachie, Deputy CEO, Moredun Research Institute – biotech company


“I learned about time management, decision-making, and about myself. Change management, leadership of senior team.  Identifying the values that drive actions and it helped to focus on culture and emotional as well as logical drivers".                                                                              Prof W Powell, CEO – NIAB – Biotech Company


'I’ve developed a general awareness of my environment. I’ve improved listening, negotiating, and relationship in the workplace. I’m better at managing my team and relating to customers and management".                                                                                                                                                                                            John Keegan, BT


"My initial view was scepticism, but my coach turned this around and clearly showed the benefits that I could achieve through coaching".                           David Bartle

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