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Roger Thomas

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Roger Thomas


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Based near Edinburgh, I work across Scotland and some locations in England and Europe.


















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Roger Thomas has run our Team Planning

Workshop for the Scottish Autism top

management team on three occasions...




“The first time was an exploratory exercise with a new Interim CEO working with the remnants of a Senior Management Team which had seen recent departures.


The Workshop was particularly useful in helping the CEO decide on an appropriate senior management structure and led directly to the recruitment of two new Directors. It also nicely distilled the key problems and opportunities facing the business.

I thought getting coaching help would

be seen as a weakness – but Roger allowed

me to focus on the bigger picture..




I wasn’t keen for others in the company to be aware of my weaknesses – though it’s likely they were already aware of some!

However, watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon last year changed my thinking. He has shown real dedication to achieve his ambitions of winning  – this has only been possible with the help of his coaching team.

They helped him come to terms with his weaknesses, build on his strengths and focus on the vision for his career. 


About Roger...


During 25 years with IBM, Roger became the first sales person to manage IBM’s UK-wide team of technical consultants.

Previously this team had always been managed by a technical specialist. Roger’s sales and management experience

proved to be an effective link between the technical experts

and IBM’s customers.


Roger’s approach also helped to develop the team’s sense of accountability and maturity.


After leaving IBM, Roger joined the newly-created Scottish Telecom as Sales Manager. When Scottish Telecom bought a mobile phone

service provider Roger was appointed as the Managing Director. In growing that business Roger negotiated a merger with the Scottish

division of an English-based mobile company and the acquisition of a chain of phone shops in the UK and N.Ireland.


Under Roger’s leadership the company grew from some 15,000 to 90,000 customers and from 30 staff to over 300 in just a few years

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"Running an organisation is a real challenge – that's what should be good about it.

We all relish a challenge – if we can see that success is achievable, and then we find it really fulfilling.

That's what I help managers to do".

roger thomas

I’ve spent quite few years leading and supporting management teams. I now focus on helping companies to get the very best from their managers and hence from all their staff.


I have worked with a variety of businesses including large and small companies, the manufacturing, services, technology, and oil sectors, and the public and third sectors.


I specialise in facilitating clarity and consensus in the leadership of organisations - with senior teams and with individuals.

I work through facilitating intensive workshops with management teams and one-to-one coaching with individual managers.

"Undertaking the workshop proved to a be a moment of absolute clarity for the team with so many obvious and fundamental business requirements being identified within a short space of time with the physical involvement in the workshop bringing about a united team, each member departing having a new found clarity on requirements directly linked to their specific parts of the business.

The changes that have subsequently taken place have had a profound effect on the effective organisation of the business with huge improvement in leadership, strategy, systems, quality and staff motivation, all of which have resulted in a significant increase in turnover, profitability and market reputation.

For an enthusiastic team with good production experience but who required guidance and direction in developing their business management skills, this workshop has proved to be hugely beneficial".

Simon Lewis, BA (Hons) Arch, MCIOB, Managing Director, R.W.Armstrong & Sons Ltd

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