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"In the ten years since our business launched, the insights gained from working with business leaders at all stages of their companies’ development has enabled us to develop the &Coaching Business Curve, which plays an instrumental part in enabling leaders to anticipate and manage inevitable transitions with less pain and delay than would otherwise be the case".


The Business Curve is equally applicable in larger, well established companies where the Business Curve may  be applicable for new divisions or new ventures.


Over the ten years that we have been providing support to companies of all shapes and sizes we have concluded that all successful companies move through a predictable curve on their journey to sustainable profitable growth.  


Some, of course, never make it.

The others all go through these stages of development although at different speeds and with different “growing pains.”

"What makes our offering different from the many other coaching companies is that our services are based on the &Coaching Business Curve which identifies the challenges, needs and goals of businesses at each stage of development".

What is your preferred Influencing Style?


Thinking through issues in a more open way is the key to building a successful business.  

Each individual naturally adopts one of the four basic Influencing styles.


Our test will clearly indicate which Leadership style you prefer.


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